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Commentary & Reviews

"...a vital sensing of space in a formal compositonic sense as well as in realization through colour." Hans Hofmann commentary, October 5, 1959

"The work recalls that of Kandinski ... sound craftsmanship ... the artist makes an original statement ... rises to lyric heights." Washington Post, February 4, 1960

 "...she abstracts from nature with a poetic intensity that isolates filamentous forms amongst drowsy colors, giving a noonday effect of mid-summer heat." New York Times, February 2, 1962


 "Mary Rogers presents large, paint-filled canvases alive with color and a lyrical, often rapturous response to nature.  This she translates with abstract-expressionist enthusiam... she sweeps you right along with her in a thoroughly infectious and commendable way." The Boston Globe, June 17, 1962

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